Izdeniz Kordon Ferry Interior Design

Kordon Ferry is being brought to life within the project of Izmir University of Economics, Design and Implementation Center.

The ferry project that is designed and presented to IZDENIZ A.S, by the director of EKOTAM, Asst.Prof.Dr.A.Can ÖZCAN; Interior Architecture and Environmental Design instructor Asst.Prof.Dr.Markus WILSING and Asst.Prof.Dr.Emre ERGÜL and department students (at the time) Özge ÇAKIROGLU and Shahrzad VASETI will be presented to the community.

Project Team:

Asst.Prof.Dr. A.Can ÖZCANAsst.Prof.Dr. Emre Ergül, Asst.Prof.Dr. Markus WILSING, Özge ÇAKIROGLU, Shahzrad VASETI




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