• Researchs and creates knowledge on the context of design history, design theory, design education and practice and distributes this knowledge.
  • Creates design projects on specific problems and implements these projects to real life situations.
  • Create, implements and audits projects on request from various sectors, natural person or corporations.
  • Plays a role of bounding education and industries at the same time bringing theory to life by practice.
  • Serves industries by undertaking design counseling.
  • Contribute to the development of design in Turkey and supports enterprises like design councils, design museums in the context.
  • Organizes seminars, congresses, conferences and scientific meetings on design; sets up radio and TV shows and organizes committees for these.
  • Sets up committees, communities and suchlike bodies, to work in the context of design.
  • Supports suchlike institutions and their activities.

EKOTAM Regulations

Asst. Prof. Dr. Can ÖZCAN

Tel       : +90 (232) 411 7105
E-mail: can.ozcan@ieu.edu.tr